The Things About Illness In Your Control


Very often people who have a serious illness or disease, and whose lives become dedicated to time consuming, often physically draining treatments and the logistics of arranging their lives to receive these treatments, develop a sense of helplessness in directing their own life.

This feeling is not imaginary. A vital need really does develop to follow medical protocols, be tested, poked and prodded, show up for diagnostics at times which are convenient for medical staff, not necessarily the patient.

The good news is that even during periods of extensive medical care, there is an area of our lives which remains open and sensitive to our identify and wishes.

This area is, our basic knowledge and understanding of who we are and the meaning that the particular illness or disease, has to one’s life.

Sometimes observing this connection is a little easier because there is a clear way in which the illness is a metaphor for an inward difficulty in the person’s life.

A person traumatized when very young, as an adult may have extreme difficulty feeling, and trusting their own will to love Self and others. Not realizing how hidden their emotional heart is from awareness, the person may develop physical heart problems.

This is our whole body’s way of drawing attention to the heart, in a way which the person is willing to recognize.

Receiving medical care may feel safer than what the traumatized emotional brain feels is a risk of trust and love being violated again.

What sometimes people are not always aware of, is that ongoing restoration and improvement in someone’s physical health, once it is medically stabilized from a serious problem, does not necessarily need to rely exclusively on medical interventions and instruction.

What if our hypothetical heart problem person who has personal history of being victimized by other people, were to begin developing ways of trusting people again and feeling grounded in the sense that some people are loving and trustworthy?

Learning to open your spiritual heart will restore your sense of authority and autonomy to be and know who you are, without the fears that were planted as protection to others’ bad actions toward you many decades ago.

You will be contributing to releasing the stress of long held, burdensome fears that inhibit your body and Soul. Both will be able to gradually grow strong, maybe even for the first time.

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About Sherry Katz

Sherry Katz, LCSW is primarily a couples therapist who counsels partners and individuals of all adult ages, in relieving tension and unhappiness in their relationships. The spectrum of care in her practice includes recuperating from infidelity, clarifying and strengthening trust and communication, restoring and developing common ground for a relationship. Ms. Katz has a secondary practice interest in helping family members align themselves in response to caring for elderly parents, especially a parent who has Alzheimer's Disease.Old Stories, New Views Family Therapy

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