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I was reading the September, 2017 Issue of Trusts & Estates magazine and came across an article “Advising Clients About Hospitalization and Operations”. I would like to share a part of the article with you.

Even though the target audience for the article was the legal community, it really hit home for the clients we serve, those that are retired or soon-to-be retired.

The author, Myra Gershon Gilfix, Esq. prepared a Sample Handout to give to clients facing impending hospitalization.  She encouraged the readers to expand, edit and distribute the handout to appropriate clients and family members.  Here it is,



  • That you will reliably hear about test results.  Establish a time by which you will be notified. Do follow up if you haven’t heard.
  • That medical professionals will communicate with each other about you.  Don’t be afraid to remind about tests done, information given.
  • That all tests ordered or proposed are necessary.
  • That your diagnosis is correct. Get a second-and possibly a third opinion.
  • That every doctor will actually read your chart.  You may have to repeat your story many times.  Keep track of your symptoms as well as so that you are able to accurately share what may be critical information.
  • That the doctor will listen carefully and actually hear what you say.
  • That everyone in the hospital practices good hand hygiene.  Critically important to remind EVERYONE who comes into your room or in contact with you to wash or gel hands thoroughly.
  • That surfaces are sterile.   Use wipes to wipe down bedrails, the call button, etc.We are going to create a handout with this information to give to those of our clients we know are scheduled for a procedure requiring a hospital stay.

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