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Pharmacists Share Their Top Over The Counter Picks

The New York State Attorney General’s announcement in early February of fake herbal supplements on the shelves at four national retailers has rocked the confidence of just about everyone who visits a pharmacy. Walmart, Target, GNC and Walgreens have been ordered to pull the offending products, some of which included powdered houseplant, and worse—powdered wheat in supplements that claim to be wheat- and gluten-free.

Amidst the frenzy, and practically to the day, the American Pharmacists Association released its annual “Pharmacy Today Over-the-Counter Product Survey.” The survey lists the products that are most often recommended drugs by pharmacists. It also shows that 79% of the time, patients purchase the OTC (over-the-counter) products their pharmacists recommend, and the average patient-pharmacist-consult lasts about four minutes.

And now, 40 of the pharmacists’ top OTC picks…the ones that Baby Boomers and Seniors are most likely to care about:

  1. Fish oil supplement: Nature’s Bounty
  2. Garlic supplement: Nature’s Bounty
  3. Flaxseed oil supplement: Nature Made
  4. Therapeutic skin care: Eucerin
  5. Moisturizing cream: Eucerin
  6. Topical antibiotic ointment: Neosporin
  7. Nail antifungal treatment: Fungi-Nail
  8. General foot care product: Dr. Scholl’s
  9. Episodic heartburn treatment: Zantac
  10. Frequent heartburn treatment: Prilosec
  11. Laxatives-Fiber: Metamucil
  12. Laxatives-Non-fiber: MiraLax
  13. Anti-gas product: Gas-X
  14. Stool softener: Colace
  15. Anti-diarrheal product: Imodium A-D
  16. Hemorrhoidal treatment: Preparation H
  17. Upset stomach and nausea treatment: Emetrol
  18. Motion sickness remedy: Dramamine Less Drowsy (meclizine)
  19. Home cholesterol test: CholesTrak
  20. Diabetes management monitor: OneTouch
  21. Home blood pressure monitor: Omron
  22. Incontinence product: Depends
  23. Urinary tract infection test: AZO Test Strips
  24. Adult multivitamin: Centrum
  25. Calcium supplement: Citracal
  26. Probiotic dietary supplement: Culturelle
  27. Diet aid: Slim-Fast
  28. Artificial tears: Systane
  29. Artificial saliva: Biotene Oral Balance
  30. Ocular nutritional supplement: Ocuvite
  31. Tooth whitening system: Rembrandt Deeply White 2-Hour Whitening Kit
  32. Cold sore treatment: Abreva
  33. Diabetic foot cream: Eucerin
  34. Aspirin for cardio protection: Bayer
  35. Sleep aid: Unisom SleepGels (diphenhydramine)
  36. Lip balm: Carmex
  37. Osteoarthritis pain-Oral: Aleve
  38. Osteoarthritis pain-Topical: Icy Hot
  39. Thermal and pain care patch: Salonpas Pain Relief Patch
  40. Bone and joint strengthener: Osteo Bi-Flex


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