Video: Autism, Dealing with Aggressive Behavior

Autism Video

Do you have a child with autism who shows aggressive behavior towards you? Expert Contributors, Debbie Schmidt & Christy Carlson, Co-Founders of Just2Moms, share their stories and give advice on how to deal with aggressive behavior.  As they explain, when the children are young much of the behavior comes from the inability to communicate.

As children with autism grow, the behavior is usually not as severe but with growth may come the issues of hormones.  Please feel free to post your comments below and Christy & Debbie will respond and offer their support.

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About Christy Carlson & Debbie Schmidt

Christy Carlson and Debbie Schmidt, are not only great friends, but are both moms of Autistic boys. Together they founded the Autism awareness and acceptance non-profit, Just 2 Moms. They provide education and awareness about Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD). Their assembly program combines personal stories, a home-made DVD and interactives engaging the audience with a clear understanding of the strengths and challenges a person with Autism might have. Since 2007, the two have been presenting these programs in NJ, PA, DE and NY to schools, civic organizations, businesses, parent groups, churches and synagogues. Debbie is also the facilitator of the Camden/Burlington County Chapter of ASPEN (Asperger Autism Spectrum Education Network)

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