Video Interview: Parenting Gay Children, Dr. Dan Gottlieb Publisher Roseann Vanella sits down with Psychologist, Author, WHYY Radio Host of Voices in the Family Expert Contributor, Dr. Dan Gottlieb to discuss the nuances of parenting gay children.  As Dr. Gottlieb shares, humans usually react to news with a “me first” attitude, what did “I” do. This is extremely prevalent when it comes to parents of gay children.  Listen and watch as Dr.Gottlieb explains how at times shame, leads to anger which then leads to withdrawal and self punishment.

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About Roseann Vanella

Our Family Expert, Roseann Vanella has spent a lifetime witnessing many families in transition on both a professional and personal level. She is a Professional Family/Divorce Mediator who clearly understands the impact on families going through life changes. She lives her passion through supporting & educating families through her work as a Professional Mediator, previous Radio Show Host and through building the community.

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