Video: Raising A Child With Special Needs, Welcome to Holland?

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by Just2Moms~Giving birth to a child with special needs is not what every family initially plans for at the on set when planning a family.  Just like many other unexpected moments in life, things just sometimes happen.  Emily Pearl Kingsley wrote a wonderful story called Welcome to Holland which describes the experience if raising a special needs child like getting on a plane and thinking you are heading to Italy but instead the plane lands in Holland.

Of course at the onset, your disappointed when you find you’ve landed in Holland, but once in Holland you realize that Holland is a beautiful place and that you have learned so many wonderful things that you hadn’t planned on.

In today’s video blog, Christy Carlson & Debbie Schmidt of Just2Moms share their wonderful surprises and experiences of being special needs Moms.  Unexpected, not planned for, but wonderful. Please share your stories of being a special  needs parent and all the wonderful experiences you have had.

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About Christy Carlson & Debbie Schmidt

Christy Carlson and Debbie Schmidt, are not only great friends, but are both moms of Autistic boys. Together they founded the Autism awareness and acceptance non-profit, Just 2 Moms. They provide education and awareness about Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD). Their assembly program combines personal stories, a home-made DVD and interactives engaging the audience with a clear understanding of the strengths and challenges a person with Autism might have. Since 2007, the two have been presenting these programs in NJ, PA, DE and NY to schools, civic organizations, businesses, parent groups, churches and synagogues. Debbie is also the facilitator of the Camden/Burlington County Chapter of ASPEN (Asperger Autism Spectrum Education Network)

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