Video:Humor, A Way to Deal with Life’s Difficult Times

Humor can be the best medicine!  Many people will sometimes laugh when they are going through a stressful situation. Laughing actually releases tension. Expert Contributor, Dr. Dan Gottlieb sits down for a chat with Publisher Roseann Vanella. Today they are discussing how humor can help when dealing with difficult times in  life.

Dr. Dan Gottlieb shares his personal stories with how humor has helped him through his life.  Dr. Gottlieb & Roseann share a few laughs themselves. Watch & listen it will be sure to make you laugh too, its contagious!

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About Dan Gottlieb

Dr. Dan Gottlieb has been practicing psychology since 1969.Since 1985, Daniel Gottlieb has been hosting “Voices in the Family,” an award-winning mental health call-in radio show aired on WHYY 90.9 FM, Philadelphia’s local public radio station. He has also previously published a total of four books. His most recent, “The Wisdom of Sam: Observations on Life from an Uncommon Child,”. In it, Dan tells of some of the remarkable insights shared by his grandson Sam who is on the autism spectrum. All of his royalties are donated to children’s charities. Dan is also a contributor to the Dana & Christopher Reeves Foundation.

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