Want To Live in Good Health?


Look At Your Circle Of Friends

Think of your circle of five closest friends. You likely have the same tastes, follow the same religion, dress similarly and spend money on the same things. Your five closest friends usually are the same when it comes to health as well. For example, smokers tend to hang around smokers. As parents or as children, we all know this. This is why parents say, “don’t hang out with that bad crowd” because parents know you will be like those with whom you associate with. This is why it makes sense to hang out with successful people, whether those people are successful when it comes to health, as well as wealth, relationships, or intelligence. If I’m at a dinner event, I try to sit at a table where I’m the dumbest one at the table. If I’m the smartest one at the table, we’re in trouble!

The same principle holds true especially when it comes to your health. How would you feel if an overweight doctor told you to lose weight? If your doctor is energetic, fit and positive, then do as they say! It’s been said that “success leaves clues.” Listen to those who have done well, and you will succeed too. If you find that your circle of friends are not where you want to be – if they’re always eating out, won’t exercise, yet continuously complain about their weight – I know it’s harsh to say, you simply need to elevate your game and expand your circle of friends. And when I say friends, it doesn’t have to be a friend. It can be a mentor. Someone you look up to. Someone you can learn and improve from.

Want to be healthier? Join a gym, and you’re more likely to make new friends who are doing the same healthy exercise. Instead of going for a smoke break with a friend, go for a brisk 15-minute walk with someone else. Want to have more money? Look to someone who is where you would like to be. Learn from them, and save or invest money like they do. So think of your circle of five. Look at their personal relationships, financial situation, as well as their waist size. If you find yourself struggling to get to a better point in life, seek out a mentor, expand your circle of friends, and success will be right around the corner.


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About Dr. Michael Corsilles

Michael began practicing naturopathic medicine in 2003 after receiving his medical training at Bastyr University, an internationally recognized leader in natural medicine. Naturopathic medicine is a distinct profession of primary health care, emphasizing promotion of optimal health through the use of nutrients, herbs, physical medicine, and homeopathy. Michael recognized the need to integrate naturopathic medicine with conventional medicine so obtained a Physician Assistant certification from the University of Washington. There is an increasing demand for integrated healthcare, and as a naturopathic physician and a physician assistant, Michael can merge both types of medicine to provide a well-rounded plan of care to my patients. Michael chose medicine as a career because he truly enjoy interacting with people and sharing life experiences. A visit to your health care provider should not only be about treating disease, but also about promoting a healthy lifestyle. Michael trys to foster a mutually respectful relationship with each patient to promote a team approach to medicine.

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