What is Your Organizing Inspiration?


All of us, regardless of age and whether or not we attend school, feel and live the rhythm of the academic calendar.

End of August through mid-September is a time many people sense a surge in their energy to make some part of their daily lives neater, cleaner, or more efficient.

Usually by end of September or early October, the enthusiasm wears and what were newly inspired habits gradually disappear and the old ways step into their usual place within people’s lives.

How is it possible to retain the positive results inspired by the seasonal “Back to School” period?

Do you recall the story about the tortoise and the hare? Do you recall the lesson we were expected to learn that a “slow and steady” approach wins the race?

Enthusiasm feels very lively and often people who are in a rush of enthusiasm overlook the fact that it naturally lasts only a short time.

New feelings and motivation must develop and be invested into the projects and activities which your enthusiasm started. If enthusiasm is not replaced by motivation which inspires people to last till a projection’s completion, well, we will most likely not complete those particular projects!

What about developing feelings of pride in a disciplined approach to these?

Would you consider accepting the principle into your life that investing your effort into today’s work for tomorrow’s benefit, will very likely yield positive results?

Also keep in mind that there is satisfaction in thoroughly completing one’s work.

All of these benefits are possible once someone decides to maintain their effort beyond the time at which the novelty and excitement of a fresh start, loses its strength.

The results of changing your guiding principle for creating improvements in your life require reflection and the inner recognition that enthusiasm alone is not sufficient to produce lasting value.

During our upcoming “Back to School” enthusiasm, would you be willing to become enthusiastic about learning how to integrate a long range way of achieving your goals?

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