Write Your Own Father’s Day Card

Fathers day

What would it say? The Father’s Day card you’d most like to receive?

Perhaps you have experienced the selection process. Pick up a card in the store, read it, and determine if it fits the recipient. Picture your children going through this mental process of selecting a card for you when they are older.

“No, great Dad, but not that great of a Dad.”
“This one’s OK, but too schmaltzy.” We don’t really talk about our feelings.
“You know the grill.” “Oh, that’s cute. Let’s keep it light.”
“You listen. You are always there for me.” “True.”
“You’re brave, strong, and tough.” “A little too tough.”
“Too general, doesn’t really say anything. Maybe this one!”
“We’re close, but not that close.”
Or, “There’s no card that could possibly describe the love I have for my father!”

I once read a comment by a reader in a parenting magazine offering her advice. She suggested imagining a mirror on the forehead of each of your children. The mirror would reflect yourself and your behavior to show what it is they are experiencing in your interactions. Whew, tough one!

The years go by quickly. What have you not said, that you’d like to say? What’s in your heart that has been left unsaid?

What’s working well? What do you want to make sure your children experience in your relationship?

Yes, on Father’s Day, sit back, relax, and receive gifts of love if they are offered. And, be sure to reflect upon what matters most to you and express it!

Create your legacy now.
Way to go, Dad.

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